4K Clarity

Hisense Ultra HD Certified TV delivers 4 times the resolution of full HD TV, brings out the details you have never seen before. Experience immersive entertainment in your living room that rival’s movie theatres. As screen size get larger, every pixel counts when it comes to delivering the finest picture quality.

Precision Color

Special algorithms are embedded to reproduce accurate and natural colors close to reality. See the world as it is from Hisense UHD TV through the purest expression of colors.

Super Contrast

When Hisense UHD TV receives a signal, it analyzes the content and enhances contrast automatically, adjusting the scene for a superior layering. Be impressed by the detailed darker blacks and brighter whites, which provides a home theater experience that really pops.

UHD Upscaler

UHD Upscaler upgrades FHD signal to near 4k quality to deliver powerful details, allowing viewers to enjoy 4K picture quality even at FHD signal. Instead of simply increasing every pixel by 4 times, Hisense UHD Upscaler computes the color of adjacent pixels and automatically compensates the right colored pixels scene by scene.

Smooth Motion Rate 100

Hisense UHD TV adopts motion estimate and motion compensation (MEMC) technology to enhance clarity in fast moving images. Any content can be optimized to be more fluent, smooth, and clear, delivering a trail-free viewing experience.

Depth Enhancer

Hisense Depth Enhancer technology can analyze image and adjust the dynamic contrast automatically, add layers of contrast to the background, midground, foreground to give even further depth of image.

Clean View

Hisense TV adopts a whole solution of noise reduction technology that automatically analyze the input signal and remove detected noise, it offers cleaner picture and better viewing experience.

Crystal Clean Sound

Combining advanced audio technologies including Dolby Audio, DTS and dbx-tv®, Hisense UHD TV delivers HD-quality crystal clear sound that contains rich details while maintains a powerful cinematic sound effect.

Tons of On-line Resources

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